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The Egg

Dec 15, 2022

Eggnog? Figgy pudding?? Fruitcake?! The Egg tries famous holiday foods for the first time while recounting various holiday traditions. 

0:00 - Intro 

0:33 - Cecelia Dyer’s festive family traditions interview by Audrey Cable 

1:11 - Holiday tradition interview of Eve Jamilkowski with Jacob Grismer about Greek traditions  

3:00 - Santa Paws Ad Break by Emma DeWeese 

4:12 - Brief history of eggnog from Jacob Grismer and taste testing eggnog with Kirsten Thomas, Jacob Grismer, and Brock Fortman

6:04 - Trying fruit cake with Grace Krane, Kirsten Thomas, and Tommy Dickman

7:48 - Figgy pudding tasting with Emma Forshee and Emma DeWeese 

10:01 - Closing

Stay tuned for new mini episodes of The Yolk coming in the New Year!